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Welcome to MASTERGUARD+ FABRIC PROTECTION PTY (LTD), specialists in the protection and treatment of all fabrics, leather and wood.

We supply a full range of products to protect, keep and safeguard furniture, leather, household appliances and wooden furniture against a full variety of stains and UV sun rays.

We offer comprehensive, integrated fabric, leather and wood protection solutions.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the fabric protection industry, we offer the finest products available on the international and South African markets that repel stains and spills and that protect against harmful UV sun rays.

Our special formulas contain polymers that will surround each fiber of your fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric.  

We provide assurance that life’s little surprises won’t put a damper on your lifestyle!

MASTERGUARD’s fabric stain protection prevents oil and water based stains such as chocolate, milk, orange soda, tomato juice, red wine and coffee from penetrating into the upholstery and fabrics, guaranteeing ease of cleaning and giving you peace of mind.

We have a professionally qualified and experienced staff who can advise clients on best materials, processes and costs for all fabric, leather and wood protection solutions.

MASTERGUARD+ fabric stain protection is applied using high pressure spray guns, or hand trigger pumps.

MASTERGUARD services all commercial and industrial sectors that require fabric and leather protection including furniture retailers, interior decorators, upholsterers, cleaning enterprises, pre-owned car dealers and hardware stores.

We also have kits customized for the private DIY market.

All our products are manufactured by leading international as well as South African brands.

We have a distribution footprint across South and Southern Africa in countries that include Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.    

MASTERGUARD FABRIC PROTECTION AFRICA PTY (LTD) is a proud member of the Bidvest Group

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